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Orchard and Fruit Trees


Orchard and Fruit Trees

A properly pruned and maintained fruit tree has the dual attraction of being both aesthetically pleasing and a fruit producing commodity!

Correct training and pruning will yield significantly more fruit and will extend the life of your tree.

Whether you have a single fruit tree or an entire orchard, here at Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd our qualified and competent staff understand the skilful process of fruit production and ongoing orchard maintenance.

We specialise in:

  • Supply & plant – orchard planning, tree supply, planting and maintenance
  • Young trees – Formative & structural pruning to establish good shape and form
  • Mature trees – Restorative pruning to re-establish fruit bearing
  • Pleach pruning – Interwoven hedges of fruit trees – interesting and aesthetically pleasing
  • Winter pruning – Dormant prune to establish structure and induce springtime vigour
  • Summer pruning – For thinning and shaping purposes only (NOT AFTER JULY)
  • Grease band supply & installation – prevents pests such as winter moth caterpillar
  • Organic winter wash and spraying – Dissolves eggs of pests such as aphid and spider mite
  • Weeding, soil de-compaction and mulching – Keeps root zones clear and healthy

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