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Felling and Removal


Felling and Removal

Sadly, sometimes the complete removal of a tree is necessary.

The technique required to remove the tree depends upon the amount of space surrounding the tree. If there is enough space the tree can be removed using simple directional felling. When required felling is assisted by specialist winching techniques and machinery, either supplied by or organized through Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd. 

In confined spaces or where access is limited, Sectional Felling is required to safely remove a tree. Using specialist techniques, the tree is carefully dismantled in sections to avoid damage to surrounding trees or buildings. Our teams of highly skilled, qualified climbers and ground staff work together utilising the latest rigging equipment and if appropriate, mobile cranes to ensure a safe and efficient tree removal. Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd is the only island-based company that owns a Unimog vehicle fitted with an aerial platform to assist with operations, especially on dead and/or dangerous trees where climbing could risk the sagety of the our climbers. Our teams have experience in the most complicated and technical of removals including those close to overhead powerlines or cables.

“I have to say that I was very, very impressed with how neat and tidy you left the place. My friend, who so strongly recommended you was not surprised by my glowing report of your work. Alas, I have no more trees in immediate need of your skills but I shall take every opportunity to sing your praises to others.”
- St. Brelade

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