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Coronavirus Notification

The safety of our employees and our clients has and will continue to be a central work ethic and business principal of Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Limited.

We continue to work to meet the high standards our clients expect of us and have implemented additional risk assessments to our processes in order to fulfill our contracts within the guidance issued by the Government on how to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Our employees are regularly sanitising their hands and our vehicles contain hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes. Equipment which is handled, including vehicle steering wheels and door handles are also cleaned regularly.

The nature of the work we do means that our tree surgeons and ground staff tend not to work in close proximity of each other. They are not required to wear additional protective clothing and masks, (except when travelling together) however as we monitor the ever changing situation we will apply ever more diligent controls as determined by each risk assessment or the guidance issued.

In line with arboricultural work standard health and safety practices, our clients tend not to be on site or in close proximity of our workforce. Should there be anything that our clients do wish to discuss with us before, during or after the job then please contact Jono or his foreman, Chris Neviani by telephone. (07797 711 762 or 07797 711 761)

Stay Safe and thank you for your continued support.