Woodland Management

Woodlands can be beautiful, rich and varied. Many wooded areas form part of large estates, but many more are part of smaller holdings. Woods like these were probably managed more intensively in the past than they are today. When owners of small woodlands approach us for advice, we find that they have a real diversity of experience and objectives. Some have had woodland in their families for generations, while others have bought a wood along with their property. Increasingly we see interest in the purchase or planting of woods by people with little or no experience of woodland management. Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd offers woodland management and maintenance services on an “as and when” basis or as part of a regular, comprehensive care programme. We always deliver professional advice and our services are always carried out by qualified and experienced operatives. We provide woodland care services all year round, tailoring our advice and works according to the season.


As responsible contractors we follow industry guidelines such as the UK Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and closely follow the European Habitats Directive 1992

We have a diverse customer base of different clients with vastly differing resources, aims and requirements. From small privately owned woodlands, community wildlife and ecological projects to commercial customers with tree stocks for production timber, we can assist you. We undertake care for very small farm copses and shelter belts and also offer help with small holdings and agricultural land.

Our experienced team provides a bespoke, professional service that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the client on an individual basis. Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd can provide detailed advice on how, when and why your woodland asset should be managed.

Our woodland management team offer expertise in projects such as the regeneration of wooded areas that have been invaded with a single or multiple dominant species, back to balanced woodland with healthy numbers of diverse, mixed native broad-leaves. We are experts at installing pathways and fencing, planting works, thinning and felling operations and pest control. We also specialise in tree surveying and reporting, woodland planning and design, mensuration and ecological wildlife and habitat advice.

Overgrown and poorly maintained, hard to access woodlands with steep terrain or watercourses are not a problem.

We have a huge selection of specialist equipment and vehicles, tools, kit and clothing enabling us to work in any woodland setting, in any weather, safely, professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

We can help you to decide on and then achieve the type of woodland you want and then suggest a maintenance package to ensure the continued health, balance and beauty of your asset thereafter.

Contact Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd today to arrange a free, no obligation visit to assess your woodland discuss your individual needs.