Our Equipment

Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd boasts the most comprehensive collection of tree management equipment based in Jersey, allowing us to take care of your project in the most efficient way.  We have the following equipment:

Unimog with aerial platform

Allowing 4×4 access to even the most remote location, the aerial platform allows our experts easy access to the affected portion of the tree. Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd is the only Island-based company to have this specialist equipment, which is ideal for use where traditional climbing is either unsafe or inefficient.


Winch tractors

Ideal for use on Jersey’s many hillside coti’s and woodland areas, our winch tractors extract the trees from hard to access steep slopes, pulling the entire tree to a flatter, more workable position for dismantling and disposal.

Tractor and winch EDIT


A cost effective method for removing scrub from coti’s whilst simultaneously shredding all the debris.

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Tractor mounted chippers

Allowing 4×4 access, our tractor mounted chippers enable our ground teams to efficiently handle tree debris onsite, regardless of location.

Tractor mounted Chipper

Loader tractors with log grabs

A cost effective and efficient manner of removing large tree segments from site, these 4×4 tractors load and offload timbers without the need for expensive cranes and making it less labour intensive.


Mobile chippers

Large and small chippers available for both domestic and commercial work. Turns tree debris into chippings either for your use, or for us to remove from the site.

mobile chipper EDIT

Stump grinders

Specialist equipment to remove the stump and root below the surface level by grinding it out and reducing it to easily disposable woodchips.

stump grinder