Cable/Cobra Bracing

Occasionally a tree will grow with co-dominant stems which are attached to each other at a “fork”, sometimes these forks can be deemed weak with an enhanced risk of failure.

A tree may also grow with weak branch unions or indeed the trees limbs may grow so long and heavy that failure becomes a concern.

In certain situations we may advise the installation of a supporting system to help alleviate mechanical stress. Support systems are a last resort, only used where heavy pruning or tree removal is not an option.

Once installed the system is checked and adjusted at intervals as the tree grows and the dynamics change.

We use two different methods of support:

  • Cable bracing – Installation of steel cables secured with bolts drilled into the limbs or stem.
  • Cobra bracing – Non-invasive synthetic rope and slings

We can monitor, adjust or replace the support system on an ongoing, cyclic basis.