24hr Emergency Call Out

In an Emergency you need prompt and reliable service.
We will respond, take control and make safe!
Call our 24Hr Emergency Hotline now!

Hotline 1: 07797 711762
Hotline 2: 07797 711761

The unfortunate and rare event of tree failure can be a distressing and confusing problem. Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgey Ltd has over fifteen years experience dealing with storm damage and windblown trees. We specialise in quickly and safely controlling complex and dangerous situations.

  • We have the machines
  • We have the tools
  • We have the Manpower
  • We have the experience

Our hotline is always active and our qualified and skilled crew is ready to respond 24 Hrs a day, 7 days a week, year round!

No matter what the situation call our hotline in the first instance for advice and assistance

Techniques and equipment

Jonathan Le Maistre Tree Surgery Ltd not only has the most comprehensive collection of tree management equipment based in Jersey (some of which cannot be found anywhere else) our expert staff have decades of experience and are trained in the latest techniques to ensure your project is handled in the most efficient manner.

To find out more about our equipment and the techniques we employ/use, please use the navigation on the left hand panel.